We are who we are
jbdrxwbieber: your blog is shit, the boys are shit, and they have done nothing for their fans, or anybody ,they don't care about anyone either, but themselves, you are a bitch too, like attention seeker for writing that story about the boys saving you..


first of all, i wasn’t trying to seek attention while writing that post, i was courageously putting myself out there trying to inspire others to keep going, and never give up, by the way, if you think my blog is shit, then there’s no need to look at it, nor waste your time writing me this message that’s pretty rude.

please also tell me one more time that the boys have done nothing for their fans, or anybody, or that they don’t care about anyone but themselves..

  • louis has done a fundraiser for bluebell wood
  • Zayn donated 500,000 euros/pounds to comic relief
  • liam and harry helped treckstock for cancer patients 
  • Harry bought over 200 pizzas for the homeless in LA
  • Harry stopped to talk with a fan that was going through depression, bulimia, and he talked to her about 2 hours.
  • Liam defended directioners when the Documentary on Channel 4 came out
  • The boys ordered food and coffee for fans that were staying outside while it was cold
  • Louis dyed his hair red for red nose day, and no one talked about it, unfortunately..
  • Harry helped a little girl in the audience that was getting stumbled over
  • Harry learned sign language to thank deaf fans
  • Harry rushed over to help a fan that was mobbed in New York, here’s a video for proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G320TWQZCy8
  • Niall and Liam hosts a charity football match
  • Harry said that he’d carry a big fan when the interviewer tried to shame big fans, or make big fans feel bad, and Harry looked straight into the interviewer’s eyes while saying that.
  • The boys raised over or about 1,000,000 dollars/euros for comic relief
  • The boys volunteered in Ghana, Africa, went to the emergency center, helped villagers, met villagers, and met locals that worked very hard.
  • Zayn drew drawings and art for children in the hospital
  • the boys are donating 200,000 euros from things related to wwa tour
  • Harry and Liam raised about 780,00 dollars for Treckstock
  • Louis made secret visits to the children hospital to talk with the children who had diseases or cancer, etc.

I can literally go on.

Anonymous: ....why do you like taylor swift?

I’m not really sure how to answer this but I guess I just do because my Dad introduced me to her music when I was younger and I love her songs.

My first ever concert that I went to was hers and it was amazing, she’s really nice and talented. 😊